Creating Healthy Organizations

About the Book:

Creating Healthy Organizations will help you to strengthen the links between people and performance in humanly sustainable ways. Author Graham Lowe provides a new perspective on the drivers of employee wellbeing and organizational performance. The book's action-oriented model of a healthy organization blends the author's consulting experience with insights from workplace health promotion, human resources, organizational change and leadership, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility.

The book provides ideas and tools that will help you put in place the building blocks of a healthy organization: a positive culture, an inclusive approach to leadership, and a vibrant work environment that inspires employees. Learn from numerous examples how change agents navigate their own their own healthy organization path, measure progress, and put in place the foundations for sustainable business success. This book will help you and your co-workers or employees develop a compelling vision of a healthy organization and a road map for getting there.

How Healthy is Your Organization?

In a healthy organization, employees experience well being because they are able to develop their capabilities and fully contribute.

How healthy is your organization? Use the assessment below to find out.

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Workplace Wellness - It's More
Than You Think

This premier Head Forward podcast, features a conversation with Dr. Graham Lowe, who offers practical suggestions for improving your their working environment. Head Forward podcasts are sponsored by Arete Human Resources Inc.

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The Author

Play the video to hear author Graham Lowe talk about why he wrote Creating Healthy Organizations and how the book can help you improve your workplace.