Creating Healthy Organizations

The Wellness Dividend: How Employers Can Improve Employee Health and Productivity:

The Wellness Dividend, a new report by workplace expert Graham Lowe, provides employers and benefits consultants with a state-of-the-art, evidence-based overview of why investing in employee wellness makes sense. Also provided are practical insights about how to do this.

American Express© and Flexpaths© Release White Paper Linking Flexible Work with Improved Wellbeing and Performance

NEW YORK, October 25, 2010 – American Express Company and FlexPaths, LLC today released a report, Creating Sustainable Organizations that provides innovative insights to creating an integrated approach to workplace health promotion, flexible work arrangements and employee engagement.

Written by renowned author, Graham Lowe, Ph.D., an expert on work and organizations, the report focuses on the link between overall wellbeing of employees, including mental and physical health, work and personal life integration.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

Graham Lowe talks with Canadian HR Reporter TV's Amanda Silliker about why it's important to have a healthy organization and how employers can build one.

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Creating a Vibrant Workplace in the HR Professional - Feb 2011

This article describes 5 principles HR professionals can follow to build the foundations for sustainable success. A sustainable organization succeeds by renewing and replenishing its human and social capital. 

Read Graham's Article 'Building Healthy and Sustainable Health Care Organizations' in the 'Qmentum Quarterly'

Qmentum Quarterly is a new avenue for sharing expertise, innovation, and leading practices across Canada. The publication provides a forum for health and social services organizations that are committed to learning about and improving quality and patient safety. 

Mapping a Healthy Change Trajectory

In his recent article in Canadian HR Reporter, author Graham Lowe outlines 5 principles to map a healthy change trajectory.

Resources for Creating a Healthier Organization:

Information on how you can start improving the health of your organization.

Prescription for Health: Organizations Need a Checkup

Read Graham's interview with the Globe and Mail on how getting healthy can help an organization.

Six things you can do to create a healthier organization and achieve sustainable success:

  1. Leverage existing HR and employee wellness initiatives to create a more holistic, long-term and integrated approach to workforce wellbeing and performance.
  2. Develop a vibrant workplace vision for your organization, department or work unit and identify how this vision will inspire employees.
  3. Talk about your organization's culture – the values, beliefs and assumptions that guide day-to-day behaviours at work – and become aware of its influences.
  4. Find opportunities for everyone in the organization to exercise healthy leadership, even if only in small ways.
  5. Design organizational change initiatives to be a healthy experience for employees and managers involved.
  6. Identify how your organization's social responsibility commitments can be more fully realized through better alignment with internal people practices.

How Healthy is Your Organization?

In a healthy organization, employees experience wellbeing because they are able to develop their capabilities and fully contribute.

How healthy is your organization? Use the assessment below to find out.

Videos and Podcasts on Creating Healthy Organizations

Hear author Graham Lowe explain what a healthy organization is, how to revitalize your company's culture and making business success sustainable.