Welcome to my blog on healthy organizations

This is the first post on my new blog. Welcome! You’ll find observations, ideas and practical advice on how to create healthier, more productive and humanly sustainable organizations.

The blog’s launch coincides with the publication of my book, CREATING HEALTHY ORGANIZATIONS. As of last week, it is in bookstores and available from all the major on-line book sellers. I hope the book sparks discussions and actions that lead to workplace improvements that mutually benefit employees, customers and communities.

I was in Toronto last week speaking at the Partners in Prevention conference. People at the session asked some pointed questions. One question gave everyone pause: “What do you do if employees don’t get it?” This is a twist on the frequent comment that senior managers don’t “get” the importance of investing in healthier workplaces. But cynical and resistant employees can be a significant barrier to change too. I suggested that managers who want to move further down a healthy organization pathway, and develop a sense of ownership for this agenda among employees, have to build up trust, and that this takes time.

After the session I did a book signing at the conference bookstore (something I thought only famous novelists did, but anyway…). I was pleased that a few people from the session came by and bought the book, but not for themselves. They bought it for the company library or for their boss. I thought this was quite tactical — a good way to invite others to discuss how to build a healthier organization.

I welcome your comments. Please share with other readers of this blog your efforts to create a healthier, more productive workplace.