About the Book

In Creating Healthy Organizations: How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees to Achieve Sustainable Success (Rotman/UTP Publishing), workplace expert Graham Lowe provides a fresh perspective on how organizations can become more sustainable in human terms. Being healthy is an ideal that any organization can aspire to achieve. Just as healthy people are vigorous, thriving, resilient, and fit, the book outlines how to foster the same healthy qualities for organizations.

The key to a healthy organization is strong links between employee wellbeing, organizational performance, and social responsibility. Creating Healthy Organizations blends the author’s extensive consulting experience on high-quality, high-performing workplaces with the latest thinking and evidence on workplace health promotion, employee engagement, organizational culture and leadership, organizational change, corporate social responsibility, and business performance. The result is a practical guide that executives, managers, human resource and other people professionals, and employees can use to create and sustain vibrant and productive workplaces.

Creating Healthy Organizations provides action insights and tools that will help you put in place the four building blocks of a healthy organization: a positive culture, an inclusive approach to leadership, a vibrant work environment, and inspired employees. The book provides numerous examples showing how change agents navigate their own their own healthy organization path, measure progress, and put in place the foundations for sustainable business success.