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‘Creating Healthy Organizations’ on Best Selling Business Books List

Graham Lowe’s latest book on creating healthy orgnizations made it on the Globe and Mail’s ‘Best Selling Business Books’ list. The book debuted on the list as number 8 on November 23, 2010.


“Highly recommended [for] general readers, executives, managers, human resource directors, faculty members, and graduate students.”

M. Fottler,

“The insights offered in this book help organizations who are developing a healthy workplace strategy and also offers insight to those with an established strategy refine their direction in maintaining a healthy work environment.”

Janet Crowe,
Director – Work Life Solutions, TELUS

“This book provides a clear model and practical steps to help good companies become great. Based on his extensive experience and real examples, Dr. Lowe moves us beyond the suggestion that creating a healthy organization is a ‘nice to do’ and demonstrates that is a ‘must do’. Employers and employees will benefit from following his sage advice. ”

Merv Gilbert,
Principal Partner with Gilbert Acton Ltd. and co-author of Psychological Health and Safety: an Action Guide for Employers.

“This book provides a clear and usable road map for building an organization which is productive in a healthy and sustainable way. Full of inspiring and practical ideas. ”

Mario Messier,
Scientific Director, The Healthy Enterprises Group

“An accessible and inspiring guide to building enduring organizational success on the foundation of employee well-being. ”

Cam Mustard, ScD
President & Senior Scientist, Institute for Work & Health; Professor, School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Creating Healthy Organizations integrates sound research and compelling case studies that make us think about new possibilities for achieving healthy and sustainable organizations. ”

Sue Nador,
Partner, NVision Consulting Ltd. and Chair, Member Engagement, Strategic Capability Network

Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe is the last word in comprehensiveness and accessibility. It is a must-read for corporate decision makers who are seriously intent on making their organizations the best they can be. ”

Martin Shain,
Principal, Neighbour at Work Centre; Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Toronto and co-author of Preventing Workplace Meltdown: An Employer’s Guide to Maintaining a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Creating Healthy Organizations provides readers, whether CEOs, supervisors, or occupational health professionals, with a comprehensive and integrated approach to promoting health in the workplace. Dr. Lowe’s step-by-step approach and organizational case examples illustrates proven strategies to enhance employee engagement and worker health simultaneously. Creating Healthy Organizations is a must read for all organizational leaders. ”

Jennifer E. Swanberg, Joanne I. Bell
Professorship in Critical Thinking and Social Policy Analysis, College of Social Work, and Executive Director, Institute for Workplace Innovation, University of Kentucky

“Graham is one of the preeminent Canadian thought leaders on the important matter of linking people and performance at the workplace and this book offers current evidence and practical guidance to those organizations who want to make a positive difference on this. I would highly recommend this book. ”

Craig Thompson,
Chief Executive Officer, Homewood Human Solutions

“The subject matter flows evenly from painting a picture to how a healthy organization should function, and what employees should expect from their employers, equating successful organizations to the wellness of their employees, to understanding how effective leadership sets model behaviour, to finally implementing and measuring the success of the efforts.

This methodical approach to growing a healthy environment might appear to be very systematic, but what makes this very interesting is that this whole book gives such a clear picture on an approach that is gaining momentum in the marketing and business world, an internal holistic approach to employee motivation.

This book guides readers to distinguish what employees should expect from their employers, and conversely, what employers can do to manage these expectations.

Any students wanting to gain more knowledge in appreciating solid organizational structure – not limiting the content of the book to human resource majors, and even students that are looking to effectively understand one of the largest components of next generation marketing -valuing employees and the necessity of a solid relationship for organizational success – can learn a thing or two from this solid read.

What is also critical to note is that Dr. Lowe clearly outlines a solid way to gauge the success of implementing any strategies an organization might decide to pursue – ever increasingly important in the metrics-based business world.”

Michael Chu,
Career Insider Business

“Every once and a while a book comes along that deserves a spot in your personal wellness practitioner’s library. I believe Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe, University of Toronto Press, 2010, is one of those books.

How to create a healthy workplace is often discussed within the worksite health promotion community, but I find that the discussions generally lack comprehensiveness. This book solves this problem by providing both the needed framework and the content to fill out the framework.

Now that we have the framework, tools and documentation necessary to make the business case, it is time to get started. I encourage you to make reading this book your first step. ”

William McPeck,
Director, Employee health and Safety at Maine State Government

“This book is the best answer imaginable about how to create organizations that thrive by recognizing the dynamics of the human element. Graham Lowe is simply the most knowledgeable source there is on the intersection of employee well-being and organizational success. He stretches our thinking with enlightening evidence, and gives a rare opportunity to transform both our conceptual understanding and workplace practice. ”

Sandra Burud, Ph.D,
Co-author of Leveraging the New Human Capital and Chief Strategy Officer at FlexPaths.com

“Graham Lowe has written a fantastic book on creating healthy organizations. Employers everywhere are looking for a roadmap to help them boost organizational performance by securing and retaining the next generation of knowledge workers in an ageing workforce. This book effectively addresses these issues. It is a must read.”

Ed Buffett,
President and CEO of Buffet & Company Worksite Wellness Inc. and author of the National Wellness Survey

“In the face of global competition, modern offices and factories can become harsh and demanding places to work. Health promotion can alleviate the impact on employees but these have only limited benefits for performance. This book is an excellent guide to how to make our working lives better while still helping businesses succeed. Graham Lowe establishes that the solution is to create healthy and vibrant organisations, and shows the reader how it can be done.”

Francis Green,
Professor of Skills Development and Labour Economics, Institute of Education, University of London and author of Demanding Work

“Graham Lowe takes a unique approach for his study of vibrant workplaces by broadly considering health, and health promotion practices as useful mechanisms for achieving organizational success. Lowe has covered all the current topics about workplace health and wellness, organizational change and business success, bringing them together in one well thought out presentation for the reader’s benefit. This book is full of ideas and suggestions that will help you to create your own healthy organization.”

Amy Lyman,
Director, Corporate Research, Great Place to Work® Institute, Inc.