The Wellness Dividend: How Employers Can Improve Employee Health and Productivity:

The Wellness Dividend, a new report by workplace expert Graham Lowe, provides employers and benefits consultants with a state-of-the-art, evidence-based overview of why investing in employee wellness makes sense. Also provided are practical insights about how to do this. The Wellness Dividend examines the following topics:

  • The strategic value of wellness
  • Understanding absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Ingredients of effective wellness programs
  • Addressing mental health in the workplace
  • Measuring impact and progress
  • Building healthier organizations

The latest evidence shows that by focusing on three goals – an integrated approach to employee health promotion, a work environment that enhances health and safety, and a culture that values wellness – employers not only reduce employee costs but also improve business performance. We know enough about successful workplace wellness initiatives to identify the steps employer can take to achieve these goals.

For those employers who already have workplace wellness initiatives, the next step involves expanding their reach to get at the full range of workplace determinants of health and engagement. And for employers considering the introduction of a wellness program, addressing both the individual and organizational dimensions of wellness will bring quicker results. Overall, the big wellness dividend is a healthier and higher-performing organization.